Pinoy LechonIt is that time of the year again!  Holiday season is just around the corner and most Filipinos can’t wait to serve Pinoy Lechon which highlights the special occasions and has become a symbol of special occasions and momentous events in the Philippines.  Pinoy Lechon, as what Filipinos call it, is a suckling pig roasted over a bunch of charcoal.   Historical evidence says that it from Spain and was introduced in the Philippines during the Spanish colonization as part of the Spanish cuisine.  The dish lechon originated from the word “leche” meaning milk and “lechon” meaning a suckling pig.  Hence, the disk a young pig which is still being milk-fed by its mother hog.

Just the mention of Pinoy Lechon in every household in the Philippines lifts up everybody’s mood. It is always present in almost all ocassions, may it be weddings, birthdays, baptisms, graduations or even just a simple family get-together.  For most people, the presence of the dish evokes sweet and happy memories.  However, preparing and cooking this pork dish isn’t just a walk in the park.  It is an arduous task that needs skill, knowledge and most of all patience as it takes at least 5 hours before the pig is completely roasted.  Besides, Filipinos like the Pinoy Lechon more when the skin is crispy and the meat is so soft that it feels like it melts in your mouth.    The degree of difficulty in preparing and serving Pinoy Lechon though depends on where the family is located – whether they are in a rural area or in the city.

Living in rural areas poses many advantages when it comes to the preparation and cooking Pinoy Lechon.  Apart from the fact that there are many pigs to choose from in the rural area, the spices and herbs stuffed inside the pig which give more taste when it’s roasted are within reach.   The fresher the herbs are, the tastier the lechon will be when it’s done.  You won’t even need sauce just to fully savour it.  Yet, as there are advantages, there are always disadvantages.  People in the rural areas cook lechon by skewering the cleaned pig on a bamboo pole and putting it over a heated charcoal for hours.  The pig has to be rotated from time to time to evenly cook it.  As there is no machine available that does that, this is done by a person who at the same time spreads either oil, milk or butter over the skin of the pig to make it tastier.  Imagine how strenuous it can be.

In the city, it is just as easy as pie.  One can just go to the nearest Pinoy Lechon restaurant, have an advance order, have it delivered or picked up and viola! The Pinoy lechon is ready to satisfy each grumbling stomach.

Now if you happen to be in Illinois, particularly in Skokie, fret not for you can still enjoy the taste of an authentic Pinoy Lechon here in Adeline’s Catering.


28 thoughts on “The Best Pinoy Lechon in Skokie

  1. Good to know that our proudest lechon is also being enjoyed by our kababayans and others in countries other than Philippines. I love lechon!! And you reminded me of this, its been months since the last time I had it. Tsk!! But one should keep in mind that eating lechon should be keep in moderation. Haha!

    • yes, filipino food and any other food must be taken in moderation. diet and exercise.. adelines catering moto is “taste to experience”.

    • people are using people for there fund raising. latin americans, chinese other asians and eastern european have tried it.

  2. I eat lechon occasionally. It’s the one food I don’t crave. I don’t know why. That’s why it’s always a surprise when people go crazy when they see lechon. I can’t relate. But I love the crispy skin and that’s it.

  3. A lechon made in Illinois. I should share this information to my friend who also lives in that state. I’m sure she’d love to get one for her family

    • we have been viewed in fil am cable abs cbn adobo nation. chanel 7 abc 190 north. filipinos order from indiana and wiscionsin.

    • we do lechon in the north side of chicago skokie,il. people get lechon from wisconsin, indiana , iowa, hope they like our lechon.

    • yes, lechon here in chicago is almost on the main stream. different people are trying our lechon. they use it on fund raising, latin americans are ordering piinoy lechon.

    • we don’t serve mangthomas. we make our pork liver sauce from scratch. grilled and cook with vinegar and sugar.

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