Sisig, a Well-Loved Filipino Dish

The first time I’ve known sisig was when it was a popular pulutan for drinking sprees.  The first sight of it didn’t really appeal to me.  It simply looked like a mixture of stuff that I don’t know of.  But I must admit that it smelled delicious.  And so I tried to have a taste of it.  And boy! it was indeed delicious!

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Two years ago, an article from The New York Times was quoted saying ‘This is sisig, the greatest pork hash — arguably greatest pork dish — on earth.’  This article made a buzz knowing how Filipinos take pride whenever something of Filipino origin is praised via international media.

Sisig is served on a hot sizzling plate with raw egg on top of it which eventually gets cooked because the dish is served really hot. It is made of portions of the pig’s head like ears, brains, snout and cheeks (yummy, right!?) and chicken liver and other ingredients to make it even more tasty like onion, pepper, ginger, chili flakes, garlic,salt, raw egg and a pinch of calamansi!  Okay I am salivating now!

Since the popularity of pork sizzling sisig, other variations also surfaced.  there are now chicken sisig, bangus sisig, oyster sisig and even a tofu sisig.  Some likes their sisig with mayonnaise.  However you want it, sizzling sisig will always be a winner.

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Now this used to be a simple pulutan among drinking buddies can now be found being served even in posh restaurants.  Even more so, it is also acknowledged internationally, foreigners trying it and really liking it!