Growing Pains, The Process the Philippines Has to Go Through

So many things are going on in the Philippines right now all at the same time.

With one look, one would think that Philippines is in deep crap, that so many bad things are happening.  A new President still in his first 100 days whose actions seem to be severing the ties of the Philippines with the USA; every day, you see in the news people found dead in the street as a result (directly or indirectly) of the new President’s ‘War on Drugs’, hearings and fact finding open sessions left and right, getting the attention of United Nations for supposed human rights violation, politicians and government officials up against one another, alleged riot in the New Bilibid Prison that led to death of a high-profile inmate and injury of 3 others (an incident that I thought only happens in action movies) and the passing of a competent and brave Senator that we have now.

This is not to mention other bad things that we go through on a regular basis that they seemed normal already like traffic, corruption and crimes.

Everything seems to be in chaos.  Every day, you hear something new is happening.  And most of the time, it’s bad news, it’s scary news, it’s alarming news.

With one look, one would think that Philippines is going downhill.  But to me, it’s a process that Philippines has to go through.  It’s a painful and difficult process.  It’s full of struggles.  But I know for sure that this is just the growing pains that Philippines and the Filipino people have to go through so that we may grow stronger as a nation, as people.

It happens even in our personal struggles, we have to be broken to be whole again, remember how a flower has to be crushed so it can produce the most fragrant perfume, remember how an egg needs to be cracked open so a delicious omelette can be served and enjoyed.  I am positive that the same thing is happening in the Philippines, bad things are happening to give way for the good things to happen, maybe not immediately, but our children and the future generation will definitely enjoy the better Philippines.

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