Philippine Visayan Festivals: Dinagyang

The Philippines is known for having numerous festivities that are celebrated in different regions of the country all year long. The festivals are observed to pay tribute to the local Roman Catholic patron saint and to pay homage to the barrio’s namesake for good harvest and health. These fiestas are both pagan and catholic in Read more about Philippine Visayan Festivals: Dinagyang[…]


Growing Pains, The Process the Philippines Has to Go Through

So many things are going on in the Philippines right now all at the same time. With one look, one would think that Philippines is in deep crap, that so many bad things are happening.  A new President still in his first 100 days whose actions seem to be severing the ties of the Philippines Read more about Growing Pains, The Process the Philippines Has to Go Through[…]


Courtship, The Traditional Filipino Way

Courtship is different for each culture and I love how in the Filipino culture, it would require hard work, commitment and perseverance.  The time, the energy, the effort, the thoughts and the commitment will never be matched by a monetary value.  It’s like giving a part of yourself and your life to the person who Read more about Courtship, The Traditional Filipino Way[…]

TV chef Anthony Bourdain

Philippine’s Lechon: The Best in the World

“The Best in the World” That was how TV chef Anthony Bourdain described Lechon in the Philippines in his show No Reservations. Watch the video below. It was also quoted in Time Magazine where the popular chef declared Philippines Lechon as the the “Best Pig Ever.” Photo Credit: http://pinoylife.com/2009/02/17/anthony-bourdain-hails-lechon-as-the-best-pig-ever/ Coming from TV chef Anthony Bourdain, who Read more about Philippine’s Lechon: The Best in the World[…]

Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival

It’s the time of the year again when one of the most popular fiesta is celebrated in Davao.  Kadayawan Festival is held every third week of August.  Derived from the friendly greeting Madayaw, it means good, valuable, superior or beautiful. Like other Filipino festivals, Kadayawan is a thanksgiving of sort – a celebration of life, Read more about Kadayawan Festival[…]


Sisig, a Well-Loved Filipino Dish

The first time I’ve known sisig was when it was a popular pulutan for drinking sprees.  The first sight of it didn’t really appeal to me.  It simply looked like a mixture of stuff that I don’t know of.  But I must admit that it smelled delicious.  And so I tried to have a taste Read more about Sisig, a Well-Loved Filipino Dish[…]


Adobo, That Classic Filipino Food

Considered as a national dish in the Philippines, Adobo is that one particular food that can be so versatile hence it never goes out of style. Ask any Filipino living abroad of what they miss in the Philippines and Adobo is often in the list. When you say Philippines, along with jeepney, balut among others, Adobo will always Read more about Adobo, That Classic Filipino Food[…]

Panagbenga Festival

The Panagbenga Festival

Also known as Flower Festival, Panagbenga Festival is an annual celebration in the Philippines every month of February. A famous month-long event in Baguio City, a lot of local and international tourists come to the summer capital of the Philippines to witness the parade of fresh beautiful flowers and street dance in Session Road in Read more about The Panagbenga Festival[…]

manila street food

Top 5 Street Foods in Manila

Manila is a much-publicized place because of its crowded places, the famous Luneta Park where the country’s hero monument is being displayed, the Laguna de Bay where you can sit around with your family or loved ones at the seaside while watching the perfect sunset to come down, the bright lights during the night, and of course, Manila will not be Manila if there are no street foods around the corner. As you walked down the streets in Manila you can see a lot of street vendors selling their goodies. Everywhere the smell of smoke coming from various grilled foods will cross your nostrils, thus leaving you drooling for those unique foods. So what are the most famous street foods in Manila? There are a lot of different varieties that we can choose. Here are some of the famous foods you will encounter down the Manila streets.