July 5, 2012




Vegetable egg roll lumpia prito green beans carrots celery beans sprout USD 0.85 each
Pork Shanghai egg roll ground pork USD 0.45 each
Chicken egg roll ground chicken USD 0.45 each
Shrimp tempura battered shrimp USD 35.00
Vegetable tempura deep fried battered different vegetable USD 25.00
Sisig pork bellies ears heart spies onions lemon vinegar USD 38.00
Siopao chicken or pork in a bun USD 2.50 each
Siomai chicken pork shrimp vegetable in a wanton wrapper USD 1.50 each


Pancit BihonRice noodle chicken breast fish ball Chinese sausage shitake mushroom celery cabbage carrots USD 34.00
Pancit CombinationRice noodle sotanghon vermicelli noodles or glass noodle chicken breast fish ball Chinese sausage shitake mushroom celery cabbage carrots USD 34.00
Pancit PalabokRice noodle shrimp eggs pork crackling smoke fish flakes optional anatto USD 34.00
Pancit LuglugSpaghetti noodle shrimps egg pork crackling anatto USD 34.00
Pancit MalabonRice noodle oyster squid rings anatto bean curd smoke fish flaked pork crakling, shrimp USD 34.00
Pancit MamiRice or egg noodle in broth choices pork chicken beef shrimp with vegetable and egg USD 34.00
Pad ThaiThai noodle egg peanut bean sprout shrimp shallot pad Thai sauce, lemon fish sauce USD 34.00
SpaghettiPasta, tomato beef w/ meat ball USD 30.00
LenguineNoodle butter cheese shrimp USD 30.00


Kaldereta carrots potato tomato paste liver paste red pepper USD 48.00
Nilagang baka beef stew with potato cabbage USD 48.00
Bistek slices beef lemon soy sauce black pepper onion USD 48.00
Mechado chuck beef bay leaf tomato sauce potato pepper USD 48.00
Kare kare oxtail stew vegetables beef tripe peanut sauce USD 48.00
Lengua ox tongue with chick peas or mushroom USD 48.00
B Q Beef ribs beef ribs soy sauce sugar ketchup USD 48.00
Meat ball sweet and sour USD 36.00
Beef Teriyaki beef ribs with teriyaki sauce USD 48.00


Lechon roast pork whole pig 40 lbs. oven roasted marinated and stuff with herbs and spices USD 260.00
Pork chop pork chop grill fry battered USD 35.00
Adobo pork belly vinegar soy sauce pepper USD 35.00
Sinigang pork bellie or pork chop sampalok broth vegetable banana pepper USD 35.00
Apritada pork tomato sauce potato red pepper carrot USD 35.00
Menudo pork butt raisin quail egg potato red pepper carrot USD 35.00
Binagoongang pork pork tomatoes shrimp paste USD 35.00
Humba pork pata knuckle soy sauce sugar USD 35.00
Paksiw na lechon vinegar sugar oregano bay leaf black pepper USD 35.00
Lechon kawali pork bellies USD 8.85 /lb
Sweet and sour pork pork butt cornstarch pineapple sugar vinegar tomatoes pepper USD 35.00
Crispy pata pork knuckle dip fry USD 8.85 /lb
Pork chop fried pork chop USD 0.50
Embotido ground pork carrots raisin spam egg red pepper USD 5.99  each
Dinuguan pork blood butt vinegar ginger USD 35.00
Bopis USD 39.00
Sisig pork ear, pork bellie ,onion,pepper, USD 40.00
Tokwa’t baboy pork bellie, tokwa, onion pepper USD 35.00


Daing na bangus vinegar black pepper salt garlic marinated milkfish USD 3.00 each
Inihaw broiled red snapper bangus tilapia pampano king fish market prices
Sinigang isda boiled fish broth sampalok broth with vegetable market price
Paksiw isda vinegar salt kamias milkfish tuligan baby tuna galungoong USD 40.00
Pritong isda milkfish galungoong butterfish
Escabeche sweet and sour fish USD 40.00
Seafood express shrimp squid scallop fish ball mussel coconut milk pepper chili pepper USD 45.00
Ginataang hipon coconut milk shrimps pepper market price
Hilabos garlic shrimp saute market price
Rebosadong hipon fried shrimp
Adobo pusit vinegar black pepper garlic squid USD 35.00
Red snapper market price
King fish steak market price
Calamari battered squid ring
Salmon teriyaki fried salmon with teriyaki sauce market price


Pinakbet sautéed okra green beans bitter melon kalabaza eggplant shrimp paste USD 35.00
Vegetable egg roll green beans jicama bean sprout carrots cabbage sweet potato
Guisadong gulay sautéed vegetable USD 35.00
Mongo mung beans
Laing coconut milk taro leaves
Upo (gourd) upo tomatoes onion garlic
Ampalay con karne bittermelon beef
Tortang talong eggplant and egg
Ginataang kalabaza coconut milk kalabaza
Chop suey green beans carrots cabbage celery chayote (quail egg chicken optional)
snow peas red pepper green pepper broccoli cauliflower
Laeng coconut milk laeng leaves meat or fish


Fried chicken thigh and leg USD 24.00
Adobo chicken vinegar soy sauce chichen USD 34.00
BQ chicken ketchup tomato sauce sugar chicken USD 34.00
Teriyaki grilled chicken teryaki sauce USD 34.00
Tinola chicken papaya spinach chicken
Chicken wings Filipino style garlic pepper salt or hot wings USD 40.00
Apritada chicken tomato sauce pepper potato chicken USD 34.00
Sweet and sour chicken sugar vinegar pineapple ketchup tomato sauce USD 34.00
Chicken with mushroom chicken cream with mushroom USD 34.00


Arozo caldo rice chicken congee
Goto “ heaven” rice tripe congee
Lugao Chinese congee egg pork liver
Chinese fried rice rice egg pork sausage soy sauce
Filipino fried rice garlic rice
Tapsilong beef tapa fried rice fried egg
Tocilog pork tocino fried rice fried egg
Longsilog longaniza fried rice fried egg
Dasilog daeng bangus fried rice fried egg


Chicken broth and vegetable
Fish and seashell fish and seashell broth with ginger and vegetable
Pork or Beef pork bellie or pork chop or beef
Somai soup chicken or pork somai
Mami soup chicken pork or beef with noodles



Biko coconut jam brown sugar sweet rice
Brazo de mercedes
Leche flan egg yoke evaporated milk sugar
Cassava cassava egg condense milk coconut milk
Halo-halo shave ice mixed fruits milk ice cream optional
Turon egg roll wrapper banana plantain sugar jackfuit deep fry
Halo-Halo mix fruit,milk and crush ice
Maruya banana fritter
Ube Haleyang yam sugar milk
Ginataan bilo bilo coconut milk sugar banana jackfruit root crop sago
Pici- Pici grated cassava grated coconut coconut milk
Sapin -sapin ube sweet potato sweet corn rice flour
Fruit salad tropical fruits cream condense milk
Buko Pandan buko strings condense milk pandan flavor gelatin


Pan de sal
Corned Beef corned beef in can in pan de sal
Philly steak
Sub sandwiches 6 inc. ham turkey salami vegetable
Meat ball beef meat ball marinar sauce


Bubble tea
Sago gulaman

32 thoughts on “Menu

  • To whom it may concern:

    I just want to inquire how much is delivery for one whole roast pork (lechon) to Waukegan, IL for this Saturday, Oct. 20th around 5 pm.

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.


    • sorry, we can not delivery lechon on sat. oct. 20 .we have scheduled deliveries on that day. lechon is $200.00 40- 45lbs we roast our lechon in our facility. not backyard or in a garage.chicago food inspected. fresh slaughter.marinated cebu style lechon. sorry for not able to meet your needs on your order but we can be able to roast for you that day.you can call me on my cell or text 847 624 4346.thank you vic

  • Hi just want to check if you
    Will deliver a roadted in Baroda , Michigan on July 3 at 6pm? Thank you

  • Hi, could you please tell me how many people would the whole roasted pig deed?

    Also all of your other items online, how many people does each feed.

    Are you able to deliver or can I pick up August 9 by noon?

  • Hello!

    How big are the dimensions of your catering dishes?
    Is there a minimum delivery order?
    How far ahead of time would I need to reserve 3 40-pound lechon?

    Thank you!

  • Hi, I’m from Kentucky. I’m wondering if you guys can ship lechon outside your state. I would love to order and pay for shipping if possible. Please advise.

  • I am having a graduation party in June 2016, We invited 100 people. I would like to serve Chicken Adobo, Menudo. For dessert, Batik, Puto and Palitaw. Could someone gets back with me for prices?

    We live in Clintonville WI

  • I would like to know how much is a small lechon would cost me. Will you guys be able to deliver it to Bradley, IL? How much would you charge for delivery? The celebration will be on June 19, Sunday. Thanks.

  • Hello,

    I also needed pricing on delivery for a 40-45lb roasted lechon delivered to southwest side of chicago for June 18th. If you can please contact me on pricing I will highly appreciate it.

    Thank You,

  • Hello,
    I’m thinking of ordering lechon for an event, do you offer tasting samples to buy before I commit. Thank you

  • I would like to inquire for a 40 lb. lechon on August 14, 2016 Sunday around 1100 noon. What is your price range. Would it include the lechon sauce? Our Ateneans USA picnic will be held at Oakton Park, Skokie IL. Since it is very close to you, would you mind to deliver it at no additional cost, please?

    chris p. rosal
    A-USA Auditor

  • I was wondering what Friday night (7-9pm) dates you had available in October? I was thinking about putting together a Filipino dance with appetizers for 100 people.

  • Hello,
    I would like to inquire about the price of your lechon, and whether you deliver to Schaumburg? It will be for Sunday, August 21st.
    Thank you!

  • Hello

    I live in Palatine; how much the delivery of the letson by September 24 please let me know. I also want to order some dishes.


  • Hello, I’m writing to ask about your Lechon. I was wondering if you are able to roast Lechon where I live? If not, do you rent out equipment so I can roast one myself?

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